Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Albums for All Times

For the last year I've been putting my ipod on shuffle when I'm driving in the car. It's kinda nice to not know what's coming up next, however there is a downside. So many times a song will come on that I have no desire to listen to at that moment. Some songs repeatedly come up and I wonder, "Why do I even own this song?!?"

But then I discovered something. There are certain albums that I can listen to at anytime no matter what mood I'm in. Obviously, you won't have the same feeling about these albums, but for me, I don't know why, they just click with me on so many levels.

So I've been trying to think of what criteria would be used to judge whether an album fits into this unique collection of Albums for All Times. So far this is how it looks:

1. I don't have the urge to change songs when it starts.

2. I am instantly emotionally attached each time it plays.

3. I've had the album for at least 2 years.

4. I could listen to the album at anytime no matter what mood I'm in.

5. I don't doubt that it fits in this collection.

And here is the collection thus far:

The Places You Have Come To Fear The Most
by Dashboard Confessional

okay, so there's a lot of dashboard albums on this list. which is quite remarkable when you realize the first time i listened to him i rejected it for months. yet, i still can't get enough of these albums.

The Swiss Army Romance
by Dashboard Confessional

mostly the same songs as the previously mentioned.

So Impossible EP
by Dashboard Confessional

so impossible could possibly be my favorite song of all time.

MTV Unplugged 2.0
by Dashboard Confessional

pretty much all the previous cds but live.

Winners Never Quit
by Pedro the Lion

when i listen to this album its like someone wrapping a tight cold fist strangling my soul.

The Everglow
by Mae

the thing i really like about this album and winners never quit is that there's a progression as if you're watching a film. love it.

by Death Cab for Cutie

this album makes me stop whatever i'm doing.

Photo Album
by Death Cab for Cutie

another excellent death cab album...

So that's the collection thus far. There are some serious contenders waiting in the wings, but I haven't owned them for at least 2 yrs yet. That time limit is so important because some albums i would have previously said for sure they would end up on the list (ie. Snow Patrol, City & Colour, Regina Spektor) but they just didn't hold up. I still really like them, but not all the time. You'll see the new albums in a few months.


arbyn said...

Good project, good list.

Phil said...

I like all of these albums

Megs said...

Ohhhhhhhhhh tres' interestante!

I'd definatly have dashboard on there.

what else...what else.........

Anonymous said...

are you a 14 year old emo kid? jw