Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Flight of the Conchords

I now present my current obsession...

"Formerly New Zealand's fourth most popular folk-parody duo"

These two are quite the songwriters and performers. They currently have a show on HBO that I think is amazing. To give you a taste of their music here are some of their great lyrics.

"There’s people on the street getting diseases from monkeys
Yeah that’s what I said, they're getting diseases from monkeys
Why's this happening, please, who's been touching these monkeys
Leave these poor sick monkeys alone
They're sick, they’ve got problems enough as it is"

"Yo Frodo, whatcha doin' wearin' the ring?
All-powerful jewelry, is that your new thing?
I know it's hard when you're a little more than three foot four
Little arse so close to the floor.
Trying to lead your fellows through the gates of Mordor
The fellowship, yeah the fellowship.
I don't rap about bitches and hoes, I rap about wizards and trolls.
I'm passin' out the words of the Elven king.
Wisdom to all, 'Frodo, don't wear the ring.'
Frodo, don't wear the ring (The magical bling-bling),
You'll never be the Lord of the Rings.
Dwarves, elves, human beings,
Don't know what it is? It's the Lord of the Rings."

And here is the first video that got me hooked.


Friday, July 27, 2007

An Angel Mowed My Lawn.

Being the procrastinator that I am, I had been putting off mowing the Pastor's lawn (I'm housesitting) for quite some time. Then it started raining, and it didn't stop for a week. So the lawn has been in desperate need of having a good mow.

So I was going to do it on Tuesday night, but I got to talking on the phone and it was quite late by the time I got home. As I pull into the driveway, do my eyes deceive me??? The front lawn has been mowed!

I can't believe it...I then look in the backyard. It's not mowed. Peculiar!?! So these are my two theories:

1. An angel mowed my lawn, but for some reason only mowed the front. And he also left all the clippings on the lawn. Hmm, I guess angels don't mow very many lawns.

2. My neighbour has been complaining to his wife how awful my lawn looks, but couldn't muster the courage to tell me off, so in desperation one Tuesday evening he came over and mowed it himself, muttering hateful words under his breath. And it makes sense why he wouldn't mow the backyard, it's not visible and doesn't touch his property. So, umm, should I be thankful??

Hmm, I'm going to stick with the Angel Theory. Now I just need to rake up the leftover clippings.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

What's Happened?

I hardly post anymore...

But yet, I'm not the only one! So many of my friends haven't posted anything in months.

And I kinda feel bad that I haven't been posting. But then again, it sometimes takes a lot of effort to do it.

Regardless, I want to keep this blog going, so I commit to posting at least 3 times a week until the end of summer.


Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pastor Dan Strikes Back!

So, our Senior Pastor went on vacation for 6 weeks, and our Worship Pastor is also taking some time off. Therefore, I AM IN CONTROL!!!!!

For the next two Sundays I am preaching (service starts at 10am):

July 8 - The Parable of the Guy Who Got Beat Up (one of Jesus' finest parables)

July 15 - Harry Potter and the Christian Response (yeah I know, I get to preach about Harry Potter!!??!?)

Then the next Sunday I'm leading worship. Yippee Ki Yay Mother Teresa!

OH, and did I mention I have to take the youth to the waterslides next week! Bummmmmer.
(not to mention play games with them like I did today).

OH OH, and did I also forget to mention that I am housesitting for Pastor Dave...

and that they own a NINTENDO WII!!!!!!

and that THEY ALSO OWN

this could be the best summer of my life.