Saturday, August 16, 2008

The Top Three - Part Five

I know it's been awhile and the suspense has been killing you all, so I finally present my top three movies of the summer!!! And I should note I saw X-Files after I started the list (and I think I'd probably put it between Wanted and Indy).

Drumroll Please....

11. The Incredible Hulk

10. Hancock

09. Wanted

08. Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

07. The Chronicles of Narnia: Prince Caspian

06. Get Smart

05. Iron Man

04. Speed Racer

Can You Guess The Top Three Before Scrolling Down????

03. The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight as number 3?!?!? Bet that shocked a lot of you. Of course it's in the top 3 because it truly was a sweet movie, but why number 3? Well, let's talk about it's merits first.

I love Christopher Nolan, that guy is one of my favorite directors. The Batman movies have been so much more than just a comic book adaptation since he took over. He has made the stories much deeper and I love it. Also, Christian Bale is a sweet Batman, although I think he's better as Bruce Wayne then as Batman...loved him as the rich playboy (but with his lips and teeth it's pretty obvious he's batman).

The thing that made the movie, though, without a doubt, as every agrees with me...Heath Ledger as the Joker was absolutely incredible!!! As you know I love creepy and wow, he was a psycho! His laugh, the way he walked, his lack of regard for beautiful. Like Daniel Plainview from There Will Be Blood this was a character I could just sit and watch for hours. I miss the Joker, and I am crushed that I will never get to see him like this again.

Rumours are flying around of Johnny Depp as the Riddler, or Angelina Jolie as Catwoman??? Interesting choices...

So what didn't I like about the movie, why only #3??? Well, for starters, everything was waaaaay too convenient. Of course, that's a comic book movie for you, but I don't know, just gets on my nerves. How in the world did the Joker pull off all the stunts he did in such a short amount of time, and without getting noticed no less??? Same with Batman...

I didn't really like the batmobile. Okay, it was pretty cool, but when his chair would shift down and he would slide under to operate the missles...why?!? That whole thing was just a waste of time in my opinion. It wasn't cool and not at all practical. So I didn't like that, and then, oh great, now his car has broken apart into a motorbike. That makes a whole lot of sense! So dumb...and what was with the whole riding on the wall, flipping around, and stopping maneuver. So stupid!

As much as I love Christopher Nolan, the fight scenes were pathetic. Not much happening there and what did happen wasn't really fun to watch. I hope he doesn't do anymore Batman movies cause they are the weakest of his movies in my opinion.

So I loved the movie cause it was super entertaining, the Joker was one of my favorite characters of all time, I loved the plot and the storyline, and it wasn't too ridiculous as comic book movies tend to be. But I didn't like the fight scenes that much, thought maybe it was a little too long, and some things were still ridiculous and way too convenient.

Yet I saw it twice in the theatre, which does not happen very often for me!!!

02. The Happening

"Are you serious Dan????? The Happening beat the Dark Knight in the top three??? And what is it even doing in the top three????????" Seriously, people hate this movie, and I can understand why, but I think M. Night Shyamalan is just making movies for me, because I absolutely loved it!

I'll admit though, I didn't like Lady in the Water, so I was worried, especially with everyone hating on this one. But it paid off for me in a big way. I loved how random this movie was. So many things happen which are completely shocking and out of the blue. I love that type of stuff. The fate of the boys yelling in the cabin? Sweet! The old lady? Priceless! I think they should have called this movie WTF? cause that's how I felt the whole movie, and that's why I loved it! Others hated it for that reason, but I thought it was fun and interesting.

I agree the dialogue was hurting at points and some of the choices were weird, like with John Leguizamo's character?! But I loved Mark Wahlberg and Zooey Deschanel. I loved their relationship. I agree I didn't really buy Wahlberg as a teacher, but if you ignore that I thought he was really funny and perfect as the lead.

I especially loved the themes and the plot. My take on the movie was it was all about love. How Elliot always gave up everything for Alma but she never really loved him the same way back. So the movie comes to the climax when they have to make a choice. Do we go out into the open where everyone is dying, just to be with each other one last time? Are we willing to risk death to be together? Will we give up everything to be together? And they both do it, and it's at that moment that the phenomenon ceases.

So what really was happening? I love that for the first time, M. Night doesn't give an explanation. The implication is that it's an environmental phenomenon, but it's left open at the end. We don't really know what's going on, and there's no M. Night twist to wrap it up in a nice package. Instead it's really just a MacGuffin (which really should have been the case in Signs).

And this movie just came at the right time for me. I was having kind of a stressful night, and worrying about certain things, but after seeing this movie I left with a new perspective and a really good feeling about my situation.

01. Wall-E

This movie was perfect...I only have one complaint. I just wish the humans looked more like humans. Everything else looks real, but then when humans enter the picture it kinda pops the bubble a bit.

Otherwise, what an amazing love story! All the little moments with Eve were so cute. You know, I don't really want to say anymore cause I'll ruin it. Just see it yourself. One of my favorite movies of all time...


Earl.of.Spencer said...

Great list Dan, however I think that Batman should be number 2. I don't know what you are thinking putting a WTF movie ahead of the best action thriller since Batman Begins.

I digress...

Wall-E was cute and I enjoyed the many layers. I believe though that for the sake of insulting people, the humans had to be a bit cartoonish.

Dan Peters aka "Dr. Coopernicus Who" said...

Well, I totally prefer WTF movies over action thrillers...

kortney said...

I don't even know what to think of you right now.

eric b. said...

I got 2 of your top 3. Different order though, but thats probably just because we prefer different movies. I like the action movies, and the joker was sensational to say the least.

ONE beef with Wall-E. No fire extinguisher I've EVER used lasted that long. Ridiculous. But good movie!

Dr. Coopernicus Who said...

good job Eric!!! but it is the future, obviously we will have longer lasting fire extinguishers one day...

A J Craig said...

Wow dude, you are completely on crack. Indiana Jones better than Hancock?!? Hancock better than Hulk, and the Happening in the top three? I mean I like M Night Shamalamadigndong but what the crap is that!