Saturday, March 29, 2008

This is Mental

The other day I stumbled on this video for "The Moses Code".

Online Videos by

I thought the video was funny. I thought they did a good job mocking "The Secret" by coming up with all those grand statements that have no substance. Even the name "The Moses Code" is an obvious spoof on "The DaVinci Code". I especially liked the Tom Cruise-esque laugh by the lady at the beginning of the trailer.

Then I saw another video called "Thank God I".

Now this video was ridiculous to me at first. I thought it wasn't that funny, but whatever. Not all mock-videos are funny to me. But about halfway through I began to realize, "Wait a minute, could this be real!?!"

And then I recognized the same black guy in this video is also in "The Moses Code". What?!? If this video is real, then that must mean the first video is also an actual movie. And sure enough, after hunting around the internet I discovered that in fact, both of these videos are legitimate spiritual material!!! Seriously? You can't be serious!?!?

Check them out for yourself.

This has got to be a giant scam. I mean, everything they say has absolutely no content. And here's a list of featured speakers: You would think of all these "spiritual directors" and "mediums" one of them would realize how full of B.S. all this is and call these people out. But they don't. They all get together for events like this and spiritual gatherings and they all act like it's all real. But do they really believe it themselves??? I mean, I can see a few of them buying it, but these guys look so slick and the way these videos are produced, it's so pretentious. I mean, even that stupid ghost whisperer guy is a speaker.

You would think the others would be like, "What the heck is he doing here?!? I thought this Moses Code was legit!" But they don't say that, and why not? Because they all know this is one big money making scheme. I don't know how they get away with this.

Or am I wrong, how is this happening???

Saturday, March 15, 2008

I Continue to Change

I drink coffee now...

This is not normal. I've tried a few times in history to drink coffee, but I wouldn't have it. Then something changed.

Someone from my church offered me Canucks tickets, but with a catch. I had to take a friend of his family as a blind date. Free tickets...blind shizzle!!! So I went to pick up the tickets from him at his workplace. When I got there we started talking and he offered me a cup of coffee. It was an odd situation because normally I would say no, but considering I didn't know him well, there were free tickets on the way, and we would be chatting awhile I said sure. And this is when I did something I hadn't normally done.

I added cream and sugar. Not just a little. A heaping portion! I figured this would be the only way I could get this stuff down my throat. But as I started drinking it dawned on me that I actually kinda liked it.

That was the first major breakthrough. The second came at my Aunt's funeral the next week (and I've been meaning to post on that, but you know me...). After the service we were sitting around chatting and I got thirsty. And I saw coffee there. And I decided, let's try this again. And I did. And it was good!

Well, since then I hadn't drank much, but in the last couple months I have had a whole heck of a lot more coffee than I've ever had in my life. So much that I'm considering buying a coffee maker. What?!?!?! What is going on here!!!!!!!!

Is this my future?

Thursday, March 06, 2008

I Should Have Just Stayed Home - Day Twelve

The next day I was still feeling wasn't much fun. Jackie and Conor wanted to check out Bondi Beach and some more sights in Sydney. Then they were going to catch a plane in the evening and head back to Melbourne. Now the confusing thing was, what was I going to do?!? I didn't want to inconvenience Bernard by getting him to drive me back into the city the next morning. So, he proposed I stay with his brother who lives really close to the airport. Fine by me, but that meant I needed to go along with them for the day and haul all my stuff to the brother's house after we dropped off Jackie and Conor.

So here's Bondi Beach. I didn't go near the water (or hardly the beach for that matter). I took a few pictures, bought a smoothie and lied down while everyone did their own thing.

Now I know this shirt is ridiculous, haha, but I wanted to try and get rid of my farmer tan. Didn't really work...

After Bondi we went up close to the Opera House.

Then we went to the gardens nearby, where I fell asleep on the grass while the three amigos adventured off on their own. Jackie took this garden shot.

Strangely enough, I found this laminated card thingy near where I slept. I suspect it was left over from the night before. It's kinda odd as it is, but if you look in the top right corner there's a picture of some guy floating in the window who I assume is "James". Maybe you should call the number and find out.

Another little story: I moved around a bit to try and stay in the sun. At one spot I looked over and saw a guy by me. He was just lying there with his hand down his pants, for like 30 mins. I'm glad I wasn't closer.


Yay Bernard! (And it's pronounced Bern-erd, not Ber-Nard...I had difficulty with that)

So we dropped the lovely couple off at the airport and said our goodbyes. It was great seeing Jackie and Conor again and I'm grateful for their putting up with me!

Bernard then told me it didn't seem like a good idea to stay with his that meant driving back all the way to his place, unpacking my stuff again, and driving to the airport in the morning the next day again. Shucks, I kinda wish we had made that decision earlier so I could have just slept all day, but oh well, that's the way life works when you're away from home!

And I am incredibly thankful to Bernard and his family for all the hospitality they provided us! Seriously, it made the trip to Sydney soooo good!

That night I was thankful when Bernard's parents gave me some pills. Boy did they help...I had a great night's sleep.

End of Day Twelve.